In 2004, La Barokka’s first CD album ‘La Barokka’ was launched. Apart from the fact that one can listen to some timeless arias and songs in this album, it also includes a number of original tracks specifically written for her. The ‘La Barokka’ team is composed of the composer and music engineer Elton Zarb of Freetime Studios and author Robbie Govus. Nevertheless, it has to be pointed out that Tonio Cardona was also another important element in this team and his loving memory shall never be forgotten. Tonio is synonymous with La Barokka’s successful song ‘You’ which was launched in 2004.

The year 2005 also saw the launching of the single and music video of La Barokka’s hit single ‘You’, which was produced by the New York Filming Academy under the meticulous direction of Marvin Baldacchino and his London crew.

The year 2007 saw La Barokka launching another song ‘A Different Day’, a song which was specifically created for the ‘Find Your Way Main Event’ in Atlanta, USA.

March 2008 La Barokka launched her second Album ‘FAITH’, in Atlanta GA after she successfully enchanted the VIP guests invited for the ‘Find your Why Main
Event’ hosted by an international motivational messenger John Di Lemme and his DDG Group.

La Barokka has targeted to launch her third album, by January 2009, which album will be launched in Los Angeles and Florida, USA.

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