In 2007, La Barokka introduced a unique genre on our local television sets with her own TV programme called ‘Barokka Show’. The show is produced under the unique production and presentation of La Barokka supported from the great Motivational Speaker, Mr. John Di Lemme, from New York, United States of America, who is also the Co Host of this show.

The primary purpose of this show is to instil motivation in its followers and inspire. Every week ‘Barokka Show’ presents motivational topics and messages with the sole aim that it will bring about a change and a difference in the lives of the many. This show was aired with great success between January and March 2007, where according to a survey conducted by the Malta Broadcasting Authority, ‘Barokka show’ was viewed by not less than 28,000 viewers on a regular basis.

‘Barokka Show’ features personal testimonials from people who were met with hard and tough challenges in their lives. However, innate messages like: ‘Believe in yourself’, and that ‘Every person is a miracle of God’ and also that ‘Nothing is impossible but everything is possible’ are the secret of every success story. Success is a choice based on great faith and determination, and a result of positive seeds of growth sowed in the process.

This show became an immediate success and this is partly due to the fact that La Barokka pours her heart into it. She believes that it is her duty to help people see that ‘Life is beautiful’ and that ‘We can make it happen’. Another feature of this programme are clips taken from inspirational films, such as, ‘Rocky Balboa’, ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ and many others that have been created in order to help people realise that everybody should strive hard to reach his or her dream.

La Barokka’s aim through this show is to create a culture of positivism and success. God created us in and out of beauty and He also placed us in a world of abundance. She strongly aims to deliver a powerful message that we are a ‘Great miracle’ and we are destined to shine and to spread joy in the world around us.

La Barokka was producing this programme on a local tv station One TV and broadcasted on the internet every Thursday. La Barokka is aiming to continue this show with the support of other TV presenters Malta, Uk and United States, including co host John Di Lemme. La Barokka aims to spread the Happy Faith culture, encouraging people to connect with their own joy and passion and work hard to be the success that God sowed into each and every person.

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