Born in Malta, La Barokka discovered the talent she has in her voice when she was just 16 years old. On that realisation, she decided that it was her duty to use and share this gift, which she believes, was given to her by God. In addition, her voice enables her to express the music she feels in the depth of her heart and soul. This is the prime motivator of why she endeavours to make a difference in people’s lives through music.

Thus, La Barokka started vocal coaching and this lead her into participating in various and numerous Maltese musicals. This beautiful experience where she came into direct contact with the general public intensified further her determination to share beauty with others. As she proceeded on this journey, she also discovered that the most important voyage one ought to take in life is to connect and be connected with one’s own heart.

In 2000, La Barokka gave her first debut concert in the Mdina Cathedral in Malta. This concert attracted a crowd of around 900, which included the President of the Republic of Malta and the Prime Minister. On hearing her, the President was enchanted and as a result, invited her to give a concert at his Palace in San Anton Gardens that same year. The following years saw La Barokka giving another concert at the St. James Cavalier, which was followed by another in St. Julian’s at a complex called Bay Street.

In 2004, La Barokka released her popular single called ‘You’. This is a blend of Classical and Hip Hop music, which was produced by Elton Zarb and Tonio Cardona of Freetime Studios and written by Robbie Govus. The song also featured the local popular Hip Hop singer Pendemonium. In 2005, the same song was chosen by the New York Filming Academy for a music video shot in the heart of London.

One can say that 2004 was an intense yet successful year for La Barokka. She gave another two wonderful concerts at the Hilton and the Corinithia Palace and these events attracted at least a crowd of a 1000 person. Here, La Barokka creatively managed to combine Classical, Hip Hop and African beat.

La Barokka’s prime aim is to be an internationally renowned artist, with the specific vision to attract people to a GREAT LIFE. She lives her life out of the Christian message which says that: “what you sow is what you reap”. This is the vision which she constantly keeps in front of her eyes and which motivates her each and every activity. Her philosophy is that each person on this planet is born for a particular purpose. This means that every single human being is nothing less than a miracle and insists that we all have a great light emitting and burning out of our being. Every time she sings, she is made to feel nothing but gratitude towards God for freely giving her this talent, which she believes is God’s light shining through it.

La Barokka is all about beauty. Her name means a ‘Blessing’ because even though the word ‘Barokka’ is derived from ‘Baroque’, it is also derived from the word ‘Barka’, which in Maltese means ‘Blessing’. She humbly thanks all those people who feel blessed with the gift of her voice and those many others who open their hearts up to her message.

In 2007, La Barokka started to produce her own TV show, one produced with the American co-host John Di Lemme from New York. The show is called ‘Barokka’ and it aims at spreading the culture of success and faith. More is yet to come for her. Her aim is to fulfil whatever is God’s will for her.

In November 2007, La Barokka produced successfuly another concert at the Hilton, where the popular John Di Lemme was among the Vip guests with his wife Christe Di lemme. They were so enchanted by La Barokka's versatility and the emotion that she gave to the fully packed hall, that they invited her to produce the same concert in Atlanta GA. The concert was highly praised by members of the media and was eventually broadcasted on Christmas Day on PBS TV, the Maltese National TV Station.

In March 2008, La Barokka flew again to America, to Atlanta GA, where she rocked the VIP guests invited for the Find Your Why Main Event 2008 at Sheraton. Among the Star Guests there were Coach Ken Carter (of the film Coach Carter produced by Paramount Pictures), Dan Giordano (a famous entrepreneur from Florida), Orrin Hudson (the founder of Be and many other famous entrepreneurs connected with film production in Hollywood.

La Barokka has been invited to go to Los Angeles for various meetings connected with the Hollywood industry and at the moment she is working hard in her studio in Malta to produce the best album ever.

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