Composer - Elton Sarb of Freetime Studios
ELTON ZARB of FREETIME STUDIOS, has produced several songs for La Barokka, as he always believed in her unique way of blending classical music with modern beats. Elton Zarb produced and composed the famous song 'YOU' that was filmed also in London, 'DESIRE', 'DEVOTION', and the latest hit, 'A DIFFERENT DAY'.


Robert Govus
Author - Robert Govus

Robbie is a person who loves writing lyrics for the simple fact that he feels that it is a God-given gift and thus, it is his duty to share it with others. Having an analytical mind due to the fact that his favorite subject has always been and still is Philosophy, Robbie finds that this subject also helps him to try and understand the world and people better. Being a personal friend of 'La Barokka' for over ten years now, the intimacy of the very friendship triggers what message to convey in the lyrics he writes for her. Robbie always emphasizes the fact that when someone writes certain lyrics, the author ought to know the singer quite well, because at the end of the day, what one is actually doing is transferring emotions into words, and words into voice and melody and this, Robbie finds is a deep and spiritual dimension of art. To be given the opportunity to write lyrics to Maria (whom he refers to as 'The Voice') accompanied by Elton Zarb's music, is more than a privilege. He actually says that this is a direct blessing from Heaven. A good song is the good combination between voice, melody and lyrics.

Jesmond Darmanin of Storm Design
Webmaster - Jesmond Darmanin of Storm Design

Jesmond has been working as a designer since the age of 15. He is very experienced in website development, print design, and also very proficient in many IT skills. He already worked with various Maltese businesses and also several local artists. One of his primary hobbies is Photography, and with the artistic skills acquired with this hobby it greatly helped to enhance the designs and acquire a great eye for detail. More about Jesmond Darmanin, on www.storm-design.net


Andrew Rizzo
Photographer - Andrew Rizzo

Andrew Rizzo considers his photography as an art and that just like an artist he seeks to paint pictures, but this time the camera is his brush. Since he was a child he had a deep love for art but soon came to realize that his abilities with a brush were quite limited, so instead he decided to try and create his own art on paper using camera. He started off taking pictures of everything he came across, but over the years have comfortably settled on photographing his favourite subject... the human body! Andrew is a personal friend of La Barokka, and she believes in his great talent and artistic abilities. More about Andrew Rizzo, on www.andrewrizzo.com

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