La Barokka's latest album FAITH has been released in March 2008, launched in a concert in Atlanta GA, USA.

The album produced with La Barokka's producers Elton Zarb and Robbie Govus aims to spread the genuine love that the artist has for Life, Joy, Beauty, Passion and Power of the Dream.

La Barokka believes in sowing greatness and the Album carries the same spirit. The Album FAITH was launched and created for the purpose to sow joy and also power into the hearts that listen in. In the album one will find the song YOU, and A DIFFERENT DAY that were a hit in Malta, UK and also in all concerts that La Barokka gave also in United States.

Those who buy this album are sowing an investment in La Barokka's dream to sow back goodness of FAITH into the community of the World. La Barokka's dream is to sow millions and millions of good seeds of joy and love to the people.

La Barokka and her team are working on a new album, full of new productions to be launched in Los Angeles by end of 2008.

  La Barokka Album (Signed) + Shipping to Malta   12
  La Barokka Album (Signed) + Shipping to Europe 13
  La Barokka Album (Signed) + Shipping to US $ 15
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