John Di Lemme
"Extremely Dangerous to Your Heart! When La Barokka Sings she will bring you up to the Heavens with Passion! She is absolutely one of the Leading Champion Singers in the World! I warn You - Watch Her - She is destined for Huge Success through her God Given Gift of Singing. I highly suggest get her CD Now and book her now to sing at your next event! Each Year in America when she sings at my Main Event she receives a Standing Ovation!"

- John Di Lemme : International Motivational Speaker - www.championsarebornlosersaremade.com

Dan Giordano
“Words can not describe the power of La Barokka's voice and talent. She is truly an amazing talent that captivates audiences around the world”

- Dan Giordano : Florida. USA - President No Limit Enterprises, Inc.


Orrin Hudson
“La Barokka is one of the best singers of our time”.

- Orrin Hudson : Lithonia, Georgia. USA - creator of www.BeSomeone.org


Christie Di Lemme
"La Barokka, is an amazing entertainer! She recently captivated the crowd at the 2008 Find Your Why Main Event in Atlanta, Georgia. As La Barokka sang "Time to Say Goodbye", you could actually envision Andrea Bocelli joining her on the stage as she hit every note perfectly. I have no doubt that she will change the lives of thousands around the world with the music that flows like a raging river from her heart."

- Christie Di Lemme : West Palm Beach, Florida, USA - Attorney

Lisa Saline
"La Barokka - sang her lungs off while entertaining us at the VIP Dinner. She was off the charts. Awesome performance.

- Lisa Saline : Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN


Mario Wells
"When I first heard La Barokka, what impressed me most was not only was she blessed with the voice of an angel but that she sings with a joy and passion that connects your heart with hers. If you get the opportunity to go see La Barokka live take advantage of the opportunity. When she performs, she radiates a presence of love that will have you smiling, dancing, and singing along with her throughout the show. I listen to the music of La Barokka on a regular basis as part of my practice of connecting to my heart and highly recommend that you do the same."

- Mario Wells : Transformation Coach - www.wakeuplife.com
"Your dream is waiting for you; what are you waiting for"

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