When the Light is on, the people of darkness start screaming. It is also written in the Bible, that people of darkness are frustrated when the people of light show up. La Barokka stresses that Strong Faith is the process to create a difference in one’s life and in other people’s.

“If you want to eliminate darkness, don’t panic, just switch your torch on, and keep the light as strong as ever. The more your light increases, the more joy you spread among the people, and the people of darkness will get so frustrated that they will try to attack. But people of Darkness are Losers, and they will start throwing venom, having no effect on the people of light”

“I am La Barokka, and am very proud that I follow Light, and Light is God himself, Jesus our Saviour and I will still pursue my dreams till the day I die. The more I get attacked, the stronger I get. I know for a fact that my mission is going to sow millions of great messages of joy, and no matter what happens, through the many blessings, and thanks to the Light of God, my mission will succeed with greatness”

I sent a message a few days ago : “Sow Greatness if you are Great”. People who spread love and messages of Faith and are passionate about life are great people. This year my Positive Campaign is going to be as strong as ever, with the support of many important people in the media sector. In the media there are a lot of good people and the real nasty ones are only the few, and they are empty vessels that make most sound.

I urge anybody who is reading this, to keep the Faith. Believe in your dreams and do not listen to the ‘negative boring know it all people’, for they are Huge Losers.

Love life and ‘Pursue your Passion!’

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