La Barokka sings for EU in Brussels!

La Barokka has just returned to Malta from Brussels where she gave a Vip concert for EU officials.

The Vip event was hosted by Maltese ambassador, Richard Cachia Caruana. The event was part of the Malta Open Day acitivities, and for the Vip reception, several Eu top officials attended, including Yavuz Mildon, the President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities and Ulrich Bohner, Congress Secretary General.

Mildon praised La Barokka’s performance and encouraged the singer to perform again in future activities in Brussels. Other Eu officials from several countries asked with interest about La Barokka at the end of her performance. Each Vip that attended was given the latest La Barokka’s album FAITH released in Atlanta Georgia, March 2008.

  Barokka&Vip Guests.JPG (400845 bytes) Barokka singing.JPG (425257 bytes) Barokka&RCC.JPG (353073 bytes)
Photos : Austin Tufigno (c)
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